Saturday, 22 January 2011

New Tutorial: Lavender Scented Mice

This lavender scented mouse is a really simple project to use up old T-Shirts or Babygros. It's handsewn so no special equipment is needed and it doesn't matter how good you are at sewing ... I think wonky stitches rock!

The wonderful thing about using cotton jersey is that it doesn't fray so no need for hemming. I also kept all the stitching and knots visible on the outside - something I learnt from the fantastic Alabama Stitch Book, one of my all time favourite crafting books.

He can be tucked into your drawer to keep your clothes smelling fresh or, with a cute little ribbon tail you can hang it in your wardrobe too. Make loads and give them as gifts for friends!

I can't post documents on this blog (doh!) so, instead, you can download and print the FREE tutorial and pattern template using the following link on mediafire (just click to download):