Friday, 11 June 2010

Ta Da....

Well folks, it's official. Today I exchanged contracts with the landlord of this commercial premises and in 4 weeks and 4 days Atelier will fling open it's doors to reveal oodles of gorgeous contemporary crafts. All the work has been hand-picked by moi so that I could ensure a good mix across a range of disciplines, styles and budgets. The work is unbelievably amazing and I have been blown away by the reception I've had from the artists that I have approached, all of whom are extremely talented.

I have about 32ft of window space - there's another 5ft to the right. It's about 450 sq ft in total. The outside will be painted white and the local sign-writer has done a little mock-up of my logo on the fascia.

The fabulous Ziggi (who did my posters for the Handmade Here craft fair last year) has been working hard on logos and literature as well as a quick and dirtyweb site. Simple but professional. Long term I will be looking at the on-line presence but for starters I'll be keeping things simple so that I can focus on the bricks and mortar.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to the Craft Show at Bovey Tracey to meet some artists, pick up some work and generally have a noss around.

Sunday I'm heading to Tuly Street with some scuzzy clothes, a flask of coffee and a big hammer and I'm gonna knock me some walls down ....

Wish me luck
T x


  1. All the best of luck then deary!
    Happy wall knocking! Some stress reliever this must be! :)

    Thank you for working hard for all of us! :)
    All the best of success and woot woot hooray for Atelier!!
    Bear hugs,
    Hidden ELoise xx
    pS. 1st commenter on your new blog too! awesome! :)

  2. Hooray! Congrats Tracey (I'm beavering away - honest!)


  3. Ooooh exciting! well done you!


  4. Congratulations Tracey, hope the transformation to turn into Atelier goes well!


    p.s. the removed post above was just me. Having problems with multiple accounts!

  5. VERY exciting, can't wait to work with you, and can't wait to see how the gallery comes along x

  6. How exciting!!!Happy wall knocking:D

  7. How exciting! cant wait to drop my stuff off, I had better get busy!
    Looking forward to more pic's soon
    Amy x

  8. Good luck Tracey, hope it's all going to plan
    Dee x