Friday, 2 March 2012

You saw her here first ...

(one of Kayleigh's card designs for Sainsbury)

A huge and hearty very well done to the talented and rather blingalicious Kayleigh Moore who, in just her very first year as a professional maker, has been doing freelance designs for both the fashion designer Henry Holland AND Sainsbury's.

I first saw Kayleigh's work at the graduate show New Designers where degree students show off their work to the public for the first time. Her work caught my eye immediately. We got in touch and started working together towards the end of last year. Here at the gallery we have one-off originals from Kayleigh's degree show. The designs are printed onto fabric and then embellished with crysals and other lovely shiny things. It's not in the least bit surprising that they're been going down a treat. Look ...

They're cool, colourful and oooo that bling is just perfect! More work is at the framers and will be back in the gallery next week. Each piece is a completely unique and one-off piece.

In the mean time Kayleigh has told us that she has been a very busy bee since graduating. Apart from working with Atelier she's also been snapped up by the fashion designer Henry Holland for his Designers At Debenhams collection. So expect some gramaphones, lots of pink and some serious bling next season!! AND she's designed some greetings cards for the supermarket giant Sainsbury (see the image at the top of the page and the one below)

All this in just her first year since graduating. Amazing and very well deserved. Kayleigh is definitely one to watch and remember folks you saw her here first!

*Scratches chin for a moment * I'm thinking it might even be prudent to snap up some of her work before she gets hugely famous and out of reach of my wee pocket ... maybe there'll be one less piece in the gallery next week and I'll have a gorgeous piece on my wall at home ...

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